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Your ceremony should reflect who you are as a couple, what makes you unique, what makes you work, and what makes you both tick. It’s about your shorthand to one another’s hearts, the things you love, and the people you love. Let’s include it all, and more!

Indeed I Do is perfect for modern lovers who want something a little bit off-beat or alternative. Whether you have rebellious hearts, are after a twist on old traditions, or you want a rock’n’roll feel wedding, I’ll help your ceremony feel perfectly you. Your wedding ceremony should be something you and your guests have never heard before, that’s uniquely yours. If you want your wedding to feel completely individual and bespoke to you,  whilst also be fun and unforgettable then get in touch.

As your celebrant I can talk to you about all the ways to make your day stand out, to be memorable and personable:

  • You might like to include a symbolic action such as exchanging rings, ring warming, handfasting (‘tying the knot’)  lighting candles or tree planting. Or maybe doing a shot when you say your vows feels more you? Got a beloved pet who’ll make the ideal ring bearer? Fabulous! Want to add a surprise element your guests weren’t expecting? Bring it on! Your wedding day can be your chance to make new traditions.
  • A humanist wedding allows you to choose the feel you want for your ceremony. Some couples know they want a fun, upbeat, and light-hearted ceremony. Other couples lean towards more of a traditional, romantic and heartfelt event. Lots of my lovebirds end up deciding on a blend of traditional and non traditional elements, that they feel authentically captures who they are.
  • Whatever your tastes – whether you’re scientists, indie music aficionados, love comedy, are fantasy novel enthusiasts, or even have a penchant for a bit of Buffy – I can help you find the perfect readings and/or poems for your ceremony.
  • Music can be used in as many ways as you want throughout your ceremony. Think ring bearer busting out his sax for a surprise tune, flash mob dance mid ceremony or a joyous group sing a long as you leave. When you book with me, I’ll also send you the Indeed I Do playlist, which is over 150 songs that make for excellent inspiration for all the different elements of your ceremony.
  • A humanist wedding allows you to choose your venue. Hurrah! This means you aren’t constrained to a licensed venue and can get married anywhere your heart desires. Fabulous news if you’re wanting to marry in a woodland, a festival or in your family garden. A humanist wedding isn’t restricted by the time of day either, perhaps you’re night owls and have always dreamt of saying your vows under fireworks or midnight stars. It’s up to you.
  • Writing your own vows is a beautiful way to show your love for one another. They are, after all, the reason you are there. A humanist wedding allows you to write your own vows, to think about the things you want to promise and to be promised (don’t worry if this feels daunting, I can guide and support you as much as you’d like with this).
  • Get your guests involved in all the fun! They can help with symbolic actions like hand tying, toast you as the newlyweds with your favourite drink or join in on a group declaration of huge love and support.

If you have your own weird and wonderful ideas – fab, tell me everything! 

-All you need is love-